About Us


you're on our site, it's nice to have you here - welcome to our world . . . 

Spider Skull Clothing started because someone wanted to make their own dresses with some funny, if slightly wrong patterns and got a bit over excited, took the idea too far then others joined in!

First, we decided to make dresses, then started looking at skirts, scarves, hair bows, bow ties, suits and waistcoats, tops, summer dresses and loads of other stuff we want to make in our crazy designs with cute little guys all over. We also plan on adding shoes and handbags and belts and jackets and umbrellas and wellies and anything else that we can get manufacturers to make for us, some people just don't like them, (including some manufacturers) its ok, others love them like us :)

Spider Skull Clothing is very small but as you can see we have huge plans - we are not "ready to take over the world" in an evil villain kinda way, or any way at the moment but we are growing every day and want to bring our products to as many people as possible so they too can look amazing and wonderfully weird.

Spider Skull Clothing is not owned by a larger company or is it affiliated with any.  We were set up by a woman who is best described as weird and with almost no money - she just decided to go for it. The weird part we embrace, being poor sucks. We have started with just a few products but we will have more available for sale soon and even more new products to follow. Basically the more we sell, the more we can produce which will make new stuff appear quicker . . . yey

Lots of things are important to us like what the products are made from so the fabrics are as soft as possible, labels are soft to reduce any risk of irritation, clips and grips for hair bows and bow ties are all soft clasp to stop the getting caught in yourself or your hair or anything else and to make sure there are no jaggy bits, itchy bits or annoying bits on any Spider Skull clothing and accessories.

We are lucky to work with awesome manufacturers, they have well-established businesses and pay their workers fairly, they also go out of their way to make sure things are perfect for us and our customers.

In the future, we would love to have designs for a reason, where a percentage of the profits will go to charities, we would work with any of them.

Everyone should be who they are, look the way they want, wear what they want and be happy  :)


Love Spider Skull Clothing . . . x