Save the World

Save the World – Recycle
We send as much of our waste to be recycled as possible and want to encourage our customers to do the same. Everyone knows about it and everyone should do it if they can. We are very lucky our local recycling facility is less than a 2-minute walk from our building, we take our paper, cardboard, plastic, scrap metal, unusable fabrics and other items here. Any items that can be reused such as cardboard boxes, are used until worn and in need of recycling. Any items we have than can be used by someone else are given away rather than being thrown away.
All our packaging is 100% recyclable. We chose cardboard over plastic for our bow backing cards and other items so they can be recycled easily and is cardboard so its biodegradable and the ink is too :) Even the gorgeous coloured envelopes are 100% recyclable with us looking to move to just as beautiful biodegradable envelopes very soon.
We are conscious of the packaging that is used when we receive our items from the manufacturers and always discuss ways to reduce it as much as possible and to only use items which can be recycled. We are always looking at ways to improve on this and more environmentally friendly ways of delivering items to us and then the customer.
We do not want our products to end up in landfills – EVER!
Everyone should have a local recycling facility near them but if you don’t or you can’t make it there get in touch and we will send you an envelope to return your worn/unused/unwanted Spider Skull Clothing items in. We will make sure each piece is recycled appropriately and you can still get that nice glowing feeling knowing you have done something good.
All larger local charity shops should be able to send you a donations bag for clothing that can be re-used by someone if you are unable to take it -you sometimes get them through your door anyway -  but if you can go please donate your items if they are still in good condition and you no longer want them, thanks :)
For more information on what we do or to request an envelope email us at