Skater Skirts

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Wonderful little skater skirts . . . 

These have shorts attached to the skirt underneath, in the same fabric so when you turn or spin the skirt kicks up and flows around you. 


The fabric is great we can't rave about it enough . . . for skaters or any other humans who get a bit sweaty when they're out . . . It doesn't show on the fabric - ever - it evaporates away quickly leaving you feeling and looking good . . . it won't irritate your skin . . . it's all stretchy, the shorts hug you, smooth things out and perk up your cheeks . . . there is no extra elastic in the waistband that will try to cut you in half because the fabric can support itself - it's that clever . . . there is a tie belt attached, it's not there to hold the skirt up it's more to tie in a bow :)




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